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Weyersberg orders re Willi Graf’s corpse

Copy Chief Prosecutor of the Reich People’s Court 6 J 24/43g Berlin, December 16, 1944. To the District Attorney In Munich. In the criminal case against Schmorell and others, I conclude from the correspondence from the Chief Prosecutor of the State Attorney General’s Office Munich I dated October 18, 1944 (VR AR 406/42) [Note 1] that … Continue reading

Opinion re Willi Graf’s corpse

AR.VII 404-406/44 Munich, December 1, 1944 With 2 enclosures, once again submitted to the Chief Prosecutor of the Reich People’s Court Potsdam /Stamp: Reich Attorney General’s Office People’s Court Received December 3, 1943 [sic] [Illegible]/ With regards to the enclosed marginal notation dated October 23, 1944 6 J 24/43 g. The remark made by the … Continue reading

Abandonment of Willi Graf’s corpse

Secret State Police [Gestapo] State Police Headquarters Munich [Illegible] Munich, November [illegible], 1944 /Stamp: State Attorney General’s Office November 24, 1944 Munich/ To the Chief Prosecutor of the State Attorney General’s Office In Munich [Illegible]. We have no reservations about telling Graf’s father about the loss of his farewell letter and the location of his … Continue reading

Request for opinion re Willi Graf corpse

AR.VII 406/42 [sic] With regards to: Schmorell et al. With 1 enclosure To the Secret State Police [Gestapo] State Police Headquarters Munich With the request for opinion. (Your File No. 8261/44 IV 1 a / Mah.) Munich, November 1, 1944 State Attorney General’s Office Munich I By order of /Signature: [Illegible]/ Source: NJ1704, Volume 21 … Continue reading

Accounting re Willi Graf’s funds

Court Cashier October 18, 1944 Payment Receipt For the Payment of Fees and Fines Date of Payment: [blank] Description of payment obligations: Director of the Prison and Interrogative Prison 6 J, Prison Facility in Munich, Stadelheim Description of Matter, File No.: 6 J 24, 43g Amount: 43.88 Marks [$351.04] Notes (e.g. payment memorandum): Personal funds … Continue reading

Disposal of Willi Graf’s funds

Reich Attorney General’s Office, People’s Court – Accounting Office – V.  1. Letter to: Director of the Regional – Court – Prison – Interrogative Custody Facility In Berlin. Munich. Stadelheim. Re GBNR 1 H 101/44. The sum of 19.01 Marks [$152.08] that was the possession of Wilhelm Graf (deceased) and that was kept there for safe-keeping … Continue reading

Stadelheim officials to Gerhard Graf

/Stamp: [Illegible] Munich/ /Stamp: [Illegible] People’s Court Received September 11, 1944/ Forwarded to the Chief Prosecutor of the Reich, People’s Court Berlin W9 The following items are being stored here for Graf Wilhelm who was executed here on October 12, 1943, 6 J 24/43: 1 gray overcoat, 1 brown coat, 1 pair of brown pants, … Continue reading

Gerhard Graf to Stadelheim officials

Gerhard Graf Saarbrücken, August 16, 1944. Mainzer Street 30 To the Directorate of the Prison Munich – Stadelheim Stadelheimer Street 12 By the verdict of the People’s Court on April 19, 1943, our my son Willi Graf and others were sentenced to death. (File No.: 6 J 24/43 geb.). Following his sentencing, he was accommodated … Continue reading

Schertling – Bischoff’s notes

[Handwritten note:] 1) [Illegible] in the criminal records 2) Written notification of the district magistrate in Saalfeld / Thüringen 3) [Illegible] 4) File. April 5, 1944 Bischoff Source: NJ1704, Volume 31 (page 194)

Schertling – Prison record

6 J 24 / 43g Name of the condemned: Schertling, Gisela. Execution volume: XIII Date of sentencing: April 19, 1943 Date sentence begins: April 19, 1943 Sentence: 1 year, – months, penitentiary prison Less time served – year – months in investigative custody – years of loss of honor, police custody Sentence served at: Women’s … Continue reading