Mahler re Deisinger Power of Attorney

Secret State Police [Gestapo]
State Police Headquarters Munich
Account No. 6/142 with the Reichsbank Munich
Account No. 5587 with the Postbank Munich
Vol. No. 13 226/43 IIA/Mah. [Mahler]

Munich, October 13, 1943
Brienner Str. 50
Tel: 28341-45

Please refer to the above date and reference when responding to this correspondence.

/Stamp: Attorney General’s Office of the Reich
Received October 18, 1943/

To the Chief Prosecutor of the Reich, People’s Court
Berlin W9
Bellevue Str. 15

Regarding: Criminal proceedings against Hans Scholl et al

Prev. correspondence: Your ref. Petition dated September 8, 1943 and October 5, 1943: 8J 35/43

Enclosures: 1 request accompanied by Power of Attorney

Enclosed please find the petition with power of attorney from Dr. Deisinger, attorney at law, returned to you.

In the meantime, the attorney general’s office in Munich I has delivered the remaining items pertaining to the conviction in the criminal proceedings of Hans Scholl et al to your [offices].

On behalf of: Signed by Schermer

Certified by: /Signature: [Illegible]/ Po-[illegible]-OS.

/Seal: Secret State Police [Gestapo]
State Police Headquarters, Munich/


Source: ZC13267 (91)

One Response to “Mahler re Deisinger Power of Attorney”
  1. I know this doesn’t pertain specifically to the above, but I have a question regarding Hubert Furtwangler…
    Is it true that Hubert Furtwangler was romantically linked with Margaret Knittel, daughter of John Knittel, the Swiss writer? Is it also true that Margaret was a British citizen, thus she and Hubert could not marry during the war? Did John Knittel live in England and that was where Margaret was born, or did Margaret live in England for a long time and become a citizen?
    I apologize in adance for the follow up questions.

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