Weyersberg to Deisinger re typewriter

1a) The Reich [illegible] agrees to the release of the typewriter.

1.) Letter to be written: To Dr. S. Deisinger, Attorney at Law, Munich 15, Nuβbaum Str. 12/I.
Regarding: Petition of Karl Pötzl for the release of his typewriter.

With regards to correspondence dated July 1 and October 16, 1943, I advise [you] that I hereby release the portable Remington typewriter No. NL 82 533 M. I have sent the typewriter to the State Police Headquarters in Munich and request that you contact them for the delivery of the typewriter.

2.) Letter to be written: To the Secret State Police [Gestapo], State Police Headquarters in Munich.
Regarding: Criminal proceedings against Scholl et al.

Ref: 13 226/43 II A/Mah. [Mahler]

Subsequent to another complaint from Dr. S. Deisinger, attorney at law – Munich 15, Nuβbaum Str. 12/I, I have released the typewriter in question (portable Remington no. NL 82 533 M) and had it delivered to the [Gestapo] office there. If there are no [final] reservations on the part of the police, and subject to the approval of the most recent owner, I request that the typewriter be given to the chemical engineer Karl Pötzl, Munich 9, Harthauser Str. 109 upon receipt of proof of delivery. According to the files, the most recent owner was the architect Manfred Eickemeyer in Munich, Leopold Str. 38. Please send me the proof of delivery.

2a) Copy of the correspondence to [illegible] of the administrative offices re 43-2.162.

3.) To the [illegible]

With the request for follow-up action. The portable Remington typewriter is to be found in the administrative offices (Archives).

4) [illegible]

/Stamp: Berlin October 26, 1943
Chief Prosecutor of the Reich, People’s Court/

/Handwritten: to 1, 2, and 2a/

/Signature: [Illegible]/ October 27, 1943.

/Signature: [Illegible]/ October 25.

83 35/43.

Source: ZC13267, Volume I (page 93)


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