Schertling – Notice of prison transfer

/Stamp: Women’s Prison Rothenfeld/

Rothenfeld, November 11, 1943
Tel: Herrsching, No. [blank]

Prison Record No. 180/43
Please cite in all correspondence.

/Stamp: Attorney General’s Office of the People’s Court, Received November 13, 1943/

To the
Chief Prosecutor of the People’s Court
in Berlin

With regards to your Intake Request dated June 7, 1943, File No.: 6 J 24/43 g.

Gisela Schertling was transferred from here to the prison in Landshut on November 11, 1943 to finish serving out her sentence. (Nrn. 115 Paragraph 4, 145 Paragraph 3 VollzO.)

By order of /Signed: Löll/
Administrative EmployeeInspector – Secretary

[Form No.] VollzO. A 19 Advice regarding temporary change in location. (Labor Administration Rawitsch) – T – 0317 – Din A5 148 x 210 cm – white.

Source: NJ1704, Volume 31 (page 192)


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