Schertling – Warden’s evaluation

/Handwritten: 6 Clemency Petition 24/43/

To: Chief Prosecutor of the People’s Court

/Stamp: People’s Court [with eagle and swastika], November 29, 1943/

Original copy with all enclosures is herewith forwarded to you. The prisoner Gisela Schertling has only been in the prison here since November 11, 1943 to serve her sentence. Till now, she has made a modest and reserved impression. Her demeanor has been irreproachable.

However, I am unable to render a final judgment [about her], since Schertling has only been here for a little over 2 weeks. The remainder of the sentence is about 4 months. Because of the nature of the crime, I believe that clemency is premature.

Landshut, November 26, 1943
Executive District Attorney
Signed for /Signed: [Illegible]/
District Attorney, Director of Landshut Prison

/Handwritten: 6J 24/43g/

Source: NJ1704, Volume 17 (page 177)

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