Schüddekopf – Schirach letter

Reichsleiter Baldur von Schirach
Reichsstatthalterei am Ballhaltsplatz
Telephone: [illegible]

Vienna, December 7, 1943
File No. Z1.Z3 [Illegible]

To the
Chief Prosecutor
of the People’s Court, Berlin,
Berlin, Bellevue Strasse

I herewith forward the clemency petition that was filed here by Mrs. Katharina Schüddekopf, residing in Vienna 89, Winzer Str. 19, to your office since it has jurisdiction.

The daughter of the person filing the petition, [Miss] Katharina Schüddekopf born February 8, 1916 in Magdeburg, was sentenced to one year in prison on March 23, 1943 [sic].

I have already advised Mrs. Schüddekopf that I am forwarding this petition. Please advise her of your decision. 

Heil Hitler!
The Director of the Central Office
By order of /Signed: Aigner/

1 enclosure

Source: NJ1704, Volume 16 (page 157)


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