Schertling – Clemency petition denied

The Chief Prosecutor
of the People’s Court

Berlin, December 18, 1943

6 J 24/43
6 Clemency Petition 74/43


1) End of sentence: April 6, 1944

2) Last refusal of clemency petition, page [blank]

3) Remarks

a) Court, p. 9, no opinion

b) Gestapo

c) Prison, p. 7, denied

d) OKW

e) Party’s clemency division

4) The condemned is not a member or member-to-be of the NSDAP or one of its organizations.

5) Letter to be written:
To Attorney-at-Law Karl Götz
In Munich, Elisabeth Str. 48/0

I have reviewed the clemency petition dated November 17, 1943 that you submitted for the condemned Gisela Schertling. However, I have found no reasons to approve it. In accordance with the power granted to me, I therefore decide against approval.

6) Copy of the letter in 5) to be sent to the Warden of the Prison in Landshut for information.

7) File in Clemency File.

/Signed: Bischoff, December 18, 1943/

Source: NJ1704, Volume 17 (page 180)


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