Falk Harnack and the SS

Gerhard Fauth, Falk’s CO in Athens: Around December 20, 1943, the commanding officer of our company (the then-First Lt. Kanne) handed me a “confidential personnel order” from the Reich Security office of the SS. The order said that Falk Harnack was to be immediately released from military duty and placed in a security camp of the SS. The discharge was to be done secretly and carried out by the unit in Chemnitz.

Reason: Harnack’s brother was executed on 12/22/42 in Berlin… and he was mixed up in the spring 1943 trial in Munich, where he had to be acquitted for lack of evidence.

Harnack was to be handed over to this SS camp because it was not at all responsible that such a man should be allowed to remain in the German army. Clemency petition would be useless, because even the Führer himself would not decide otherwise in this case.

Signed by Heinrich Himmler.

Source: Harnack, Falk. “Dokumente: Die Weisse Rose. ‘Es war nicht umsonst’: Erinnerungen an die Münchner revolutionären Studenten”. 1947. Unpublished. Page 16.

[Note that this was not the original document from Himmler. Rather it was Fauth’s October 30, 1946 reconstruction of it from memory (for de-Nazification purposes??).]


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