Kurt Schömig investigation (Kleve)

Copy. /Handwritten: from July 6, 24/43/

The Chief Prosecutor Kleve, January 4, 1943 [sic] [actually 1944]

3 JS 415/43

To the
Chief Prosecutor of the Reich
People’s Court
Berlin W9.
Bellevue Str. 15

In the judicial inquiry against

Kurt Schömig for the misdemeanor crime against the ordinance [Note 1] regarding activities in religious youth groups.

I hereby request the file no. 6 J 24/43 against Schmorell et al, and 1 H 47/43 against Scholl et al be sent [to me] briefly for review. /Handwritten: 7 (8) J. 35/43/

Signed for
Signed by Signature [Note 2].

[Note 1: Against the ordinance was repeated in the original document – a typo.]

[Note 2: Name is not stated. This is how it appears in the original document.]

Source: ZC13267, Volume I (page 97)


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