Deisinger re release of typewriter

S. Deisinger
Attorney at Law
Munich 15, Nuβbaum Str. 12/I
Telephone 58733
Bank account no. 21220, Post Bank

Munich, January 18, 1944

/Stamp: Attorney General’s Office Berlin W9, January 20, 1944/

To the
Chief Prosecutor of the Reich, People’s Court
Berlin W9
Bellevue Str. 15.

/Stamp: Very Urgent!/

Bureau Ref: 8 J 35/43.

With regards to: Schmorell, specifically the petition by Karl Pötzl regarding the release of a typewriter

In re the above matter, the attorney general’s office advised me on October 26, 1943 that the portable Remington typewriter [Model] No. NL 82 533 would be released and that it had been sent to the State Police Headquarters in Munich.

I have repeatedly tried to obtain the typewriter from the Secret State Police [Gestapo] in Munich on behalf of my client. Till now, my efforts have been in vain.

The Secret State Police [Gestapo] verbally advised my client a few days ago that this typewriter was not even there, and that it had never been sent to them by the attorney general’s office.

Since my client has been attempting to obtain this extremely vital typewriter for more than half a year, I hereby request the following information:

1) When the typewriter was sent from [your offices], and

2) which [Gestapo] bureau it was sent to.

I can thereby determine whether or not the typewriter in question was in fact received by the competent bureau.

I petition therefore in support of my client’s [wishes] that the attorney general’s office itself addresses the matter with the competent State Police Headquarters and orders that that bureau finally deliver the typewriter [to my client].

As I have emphasized previously, my client is an SS man and needs the typewriter primarily for his duties with the SS.

/Signature: [Illegible]/
Attorney at Law.

/Handwritten: 1. [illegible] with the request for [illegible] whether and when the [illegible] dated October 26, 1943 was [illegible]. No. 3 of the [illegible].

2. [illegible]. P. January 22, 1944/

/Signature: [Illegible]/

/Handwritten: [mostly illegible – regarding whereabouts of the typewriter]/

Source: ZC13267, Volume I (pages 94 – 95)


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