Proof of delivery to Karl Pötzl

/Stamp: [Illegible] [Note 1]/
No. 13226/43 IIA / Mah. [Mahler]

Munich, February 4, 1944

Proof of Delivery !

The undersigned chemical engineer Karl Pötzl (single), born November 21, 1919 in Vienna, residing in Munich, Harthauser Str. 109, confirms receipt of the portable typewriter, Remington brand, [Model] No. NL 82 533 M, that had been given to the traitor Alexander Schmorell.

Signed by: /Signature: K. Pötzl/

Delivered by:
/Signature: Mahler/
Crim. Secr.

/Handwritten: [illegible] (5) J. 35/43/

[Note 1: It would be completely illegible except in context: It’s a stamp identifying the document as Secret State Police [Gestapo], State Police Headquarters Munich.]

Source: ZC13267, Volume I (page 99)


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