Schertling – Prison record

6 J 24 / 43g

Name of the condemned: Schertling, Gisela.

Execution volume: XIII

Date of sentencing: April 19, 1943

Date sentence begins: April 19, 1943

Sentence: 1 year, – months, penitentiary prison

Less time served – year – months in investigative custody – years of loss of honor, police custody

Sentence served at: Women’s Prison Rothenfeld Landshut

Date delivered: June 18, 1943

End of sentence: March 29, 1944

Clemency petition denied: December 18, 1943, p. 10 of the Clemency File

Furlough from prison granted: [blank]

Sentence served: March 28, 1944, p. 12

Form V.61.

Source: NJ1704, Volume 31 (page 182)

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