Gerhard Graf to Stadelheim officials

Gerhard Graf

Saarbrücken, August 16, 1944.
Mainzer Street 30

To the Directorate of the Prison
Munich – Stadelheim
Stadelheimer Street 12

By the verdict of the People’s Court on April 19, 1943, our my son Willi Graf and others were sentenced to death. (File No.: 6 J 24/43 geb.). Following his sentencing, he was accommodated in the prison facility there, where my family and I were allowed to visit him repeatedly. When I was there in mid-October, I learned that my son had been executed on October 12, 1943. I had not received any official notification of that fact. At that time, I inquired regarding the estate of my son and regarding his burial site. No one was able to give me any information regarding his burial site. I was shown a list of his estate. I did not receive anything from his estate except for a pair of underpants that belonged to the Student Company and one book.

In March of this year, I appealed to the People’s Court in Berlin and requested information about his burial site and his farewell letter. On April 6, 1944, they notified me that my correspondence had been forwarded to the Chief State Prosecutor in Munich for jurisdictional reasons. I have not yet received a reply from that office.

I would like to additionally ask whether I may have information about the estate and whether it may be given to me. Likewise, the farewell letter, if one exists. I would be grateful for a quick response.

Heil Hitler!
/Signature: Gerhard Graf/

/Handwritten: [Illegible]/

Source: NJ1704, Volume 10 (page 189)

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