Disposal of Willi Graf’s funds

Reich Attorney General’s Office, People’s Court
– Accounting Office –


1. Letter to:

Director of the RegionalCourt – Prison – Interrogative Custody Facility
In Berlin. Munich. Stadelheim.

Re GBNR 1 H 101/44.

The sum of 19.01 Marks [$152.08] that was the possession of Wilhelm Graf (deceased) and that was kept there for safe-keeping has been applied to the court costs. Hereby request that this sum be transferred to the court cashier in Berlin NW 40, Turm Street 81 (Post Bank Checking Account Berlin No. [illegible]) referencing file number     [space]    /443.

There are no reservations from this end about handing out the remainder of his estate to his – her – heirs.

2. To the main files, or rather to the expense files.

Berlin, September 19, 1944
/Signature: [Illegible]/
Chief Judicial Officer

/Handwritten: [Illegible]/

Source: NJ1704, Volume 10 (page 183)

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