Accounting re Willi Graf’s funds

Court Cashier

October 18, 1944

Payment Receipt
For the Payment of Fees and Fines

Date of Payment: [blank]

Description of payment obligations: Director of the Prison and Interrogative Prison 6 J, Prison Facility in Munich, Stadelheim

Description of Matter, File No.: 6 J 24, 43g

Amount: 43.88 Marks [$351.04]

Notes (e.g. payment memorandum): Personal funds of Graf Wilhelm who died here on October 12, 1943.

Booked by: /Signature: [Illegible]/

Cashier: /Signature: [Illegible]/

Bookkeeper: /Signature: [Illegible]/

To: Bureau Department:

Of the [illegible] – state – court
Of the State Attorney General’s Office

[Illegible] Payment Notice ([Illegible])

[Illegible] Green.

/Stamp: Reich Attorney General’s Office
People’s Court
Received: October 19, 1944

Source: NJ1704, Volume 10 (page 184)

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