Opinion re Willi Graf’s corpse

AR.VII 404-406/44

Munich, December 1, 1944

With 2 enclosures, once again submitted to the
Chief Prosecutor of the Reich
People’s Court

/Stamp: Reich Attorney General’s Office
People’s Court
Received December 3, 1943 [sic]

With regards to the enclosed marginal notation dated October 23, 1944 6 J 24/43 g.

The remark made by the Gestapo in Munich in their transmission dated October 20, 1944 regarding discretionary power over the corpse is based on a misunderstanding. Before Graf’s execution, the Gestapo had telephoned to say that the corpse would not be released, but would rather be formally taken possession of [Note 1]. However, they simultaneously requested that the State Attorney General’s Office take care of the burial prerequisites regarding a municipal funeral in their name. Therefore, this office requested that the Burial Office pick up the corpse so that the corpse would be picked up in the presence of a Gestapo agent who would then formally take possession of it.

I concur with the Gestapo’s position regarding the notification of the burial location and the loss of the farewell letter.

/Signature: [Illegible]/

/Handwritten notes dated December 11, 12, and 13, 1944 are illegible./

[Note 1: Uebernehmen (take possession of) versus überlassen (abandon).]

Source: NJ1704, Volume 21 (page 273)

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