Weyersberg orders re Willi Graf’s corpse


Chief Prosecutor of the Reich
People’s Court
6 J 24/43g

Berlin, December 16, 1944.

To the
District Attorney
In Munich.

In the criminal case against Schmorell and others, I conclude from the correspondence from the Chief Prosecutor of the State Attorney General’s Office Munich I dated October 18, 1944 (VR AR 406/42) [Note 1] that the farewell letter of the executed man Wilhelm Graf has been found in the possession of the State Police Headquarters in Munich. Please advise whether it is standard practice in that district, or whether a special arrangement has been reached with the State Police Headquarters in Munich, such that in criminal cases in which I am responsible for the execution of the punishment, the farewell letters of those executed perpetrators are handed over to the above-named State Police Headquarters. In particular, I would like to know whether the Secret State Police [Gestapo] itself made the decision regarding the forwarding or official safekeeping of letters, or for what auspicious purpose these letters were handed over to them. Should the response be a no, please advise what unusual circumstances existed in this particular case that would have given cause for the delivery of the letters to the State Police Headquarters there [Note 2].

By order of
Signed by Weyersberg

[Note 1: This letter is not in the file.]

[Note 2: Would have given cause is repeated twice in the sentence.]

Source: NJ1704, Volume 21 (page 274)

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