Center for White Rose Studies encourages collaborative efforts for historical research. We believe that the Shoah is too “big” for any one person to understand. This blog therefore provides a place to upload all materials and documents – in English translation – related to White Rose resistance from October 13, 1943 to the end of the war (and beyond).

This worktable will be open to everyone. It’s a new way of “doing” history.

We invite our community to write the rules for this endeavor. That discussion is found here. If possible, we’d like to keep this project open to everyone (within reason) and free of charge.

Have questions? Post them here as comments. That’s how the process will work. The conversation will be carried out publicly, and openly.

For more about Center for White Rose Studies, go to www.white-rose-studies.org. Thanks!

To join this project, download this (clicking link will open a PDF file) Collaborative handout 2012-04-12 . Complete it and return to us. We’ve eliminated the administrative fee, so no one is excluded.

The biggest decision we face: Should these worktables remain public, or should they be private, even if free of charge? That is, should we limit access to the information only to people who commit to the work? And who agree not to plagiarize (the collaborative handout above)?

We value your input!

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